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Hey I'm sending a happy message to all the pretty ppl I follow and you're one of them! You're absolutely gorgeous your eyebrows are so great I'm gonna die and your personality is everything I aspire for! If u ever wanna Hmu go for it, you seem wonderful to talk to!

this made my day thanku princess!! :*




first pic is hotter

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we went for a walk


theres this post by tumblr user pulpdrinker and okay it keeps showing up on my dash and its the one with the caption “ive never seen something more clearly written by a straight white male” but tHE IMAGE THAT GOES WITH IT LITERALLY WILL NOT LOAD OMFG I JUST WANNA SEE THE POST

im laughin im sorry boo has it loaded yet?? link is http://pulpdrinker.tumblr.com/post/95075144215/i-have-never-seen-something-more-clearly-written if u want it on safari

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You don’t pass or fail at being a person, dear.
Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane (via larmoyante)

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zodiacs w/ sex


aries- gay
taurus - likes anal
gemini - bdsm freak
cancer - vanilla as fuck
leo - dominant
virgo - practicing abstinence
libra - probably a furry
scorpio - S&M by Rihanna
Sagittarius - will try anything
Capricorn - freaky ass bitch
Aquarius - Skeptical but still a slut
Pisces - horny and dtf w/ anyone

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one time when I was 13 I wrote wtf on a Facebook status and my dad had a talk with me about being appropriate on the Internet

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money vs love?? u choose love i will have money to buy a body pillow and numerous vibrators have fun with ur lame ass love


results day got emotional

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You are clearly a feminist which is something I totally agree with but here's the thing... a lot of feminism is about shedding stereotypes about females and helping stop generalisation. Yet you made a comment on a recent picture saying "i have never seen something more clearly written by a straight white male". Upon reflection, do you find this kind of generalisation by yourself okay?

im not denyin that that is a generalisation, but the root of that is that it is highly likely for the creator of that to be a straight white male, as they have little to no first hand experience and hence concept of oppression. yeah it was a generalisation n its completely possible it wasnt a straight white male but i was angry that that photo was even made, hence the lash out.


*waits for dealer to text me first*

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Why is this Freddie from icarly

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